Grand Partners


"Broken, But Not Shattered"

Grand Partners, LLC acquires underperforming commercial real estate assets with a wide range of problems at below market prices. We use our combined expertise to fix those problems, creating significant upside value independent of a fluctuating real estate market.

Property Types Considered:

Office, Retail or Industrial

Geographic Focus:

SF Peninsula, Bay Area, Northern California, and California in descending order

Project Types:

Class C to Class B+ Conversion Project
Grand Partners, LLC searches the market diligently for often off market properties in desirable locations, trading at a below market prices. Target properties have some degree of deferred maintenance, high vacancies, low rents, and weak tenants on short leases, paying below market rent. After acquisition, we refurbish the property, enforce the load factor, strengthen the lease structure, and lease to strong credit tenants, paying significantly increased rents. Depending on the project’s stabilized value and quality, GP may retain it in our portfolio, refinancing it with a conservative debt to equity ratio, while taking out our initial investment, resulting in a “free property” from an equity perspective. Alternatively, GP will sell the stabilized asset at the new value added market price and generate substantial return on investment for our equity investors.

Environmental Mitigation and Remediation Project
Grand Partners, LLC creates strategic partnerships with the preeminent environment law firm, Paladin, LLC to acquire environmentally compromised property, brownfields, for pennies on the dollar of market value. With Paladin’s guidance, GP implements a Remediation Action Plans that areis acceptable to the governing agencies. With low acquisition cost, and extremely cost effective implementation of environmental clean requirements, GP creates an asset that is clean, lendable, and tradeable. We target a 100% ROI.

Ground-Up Development Project
Grand Partners, LLC joint ventures with an accomplished ground up developer, Tealdi Commercial Real Estate, Inc., to acquire medium term, ground-up development projects. In addition to standard commercial properties, we will consider ¼ to 1-acre high density residential projects, that are typically too big for the little guys and too small for the big guys. We use a modular construction process to accelerate project completion, reduce costs, reduce risk, improve quality, and increase profits. We target a 50% to 100% ROI.

Non-Performing Note Project
Grand Partners, LLC purchases a heavily discounted non-performing note secured by a commercial property of interest. We foreclose on it aiming to at least make a profit on the foreclosure.  The ultimate goal is to acquire the property and stabilize it similarly to a Class Conversion Project. We target a 100% ROI.